General terms and conditions gift certificates

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 Buyer: natural or legal person who uses the gift certificate via www.barlishoes.euor at one of Barli Shoes’ affiliated retailers.

1.2 Seller: Barli Shoes, Steiger 5, 6581 KZ Malden, the Netherlands. Phone number +31 (0)24-3573068. email: Chamber of Commerce no. 54388287

1.3 Gift certificate: the voucher offered via and at retailers affiliated with Barli Shoes.

Article 2 Design

2.1 The Barli Shoes gift certificate can be purchased by one of Barli Shoes’ affiliated retailers and via the website The gift certificate is a voucher that can be cashed at all suppliers affiliated with Barli Shoes and/or website.

2.2 For questions or ambiguities Buyer can turn directly to Barli Shoes. The email address and phone number are also mentioned on the website.

Article 3 Registration

3.1 In order to be able to buy via the website, customers need to have legal capacity. The buyer needs to fill in his or her complete personal details.

3.2 The data will be processed electronically, and may therefore contain inaccuracies. Barli Shoes does not check the entered data. The buyer is responsible for correctly entering the data.

3.3 Possible changes in the entered data of Buyer should be communicated in time to Barli Shoes via or by phone via +31 (0)24-3573068.

Article 4 Applicability terms and conditions

4.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to every agreement entered into with Barli Shoes. Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions. Every dispute between parties resulting from these terms and conditions and all associated actions and/or transactions arising therefrom shall be resolved exclusively by a competent court.

4.2 Deviating or additional terms and conditions are only valid if these have been confirmed in writing by Barli Shoes, noting that these deviations and/or additions do not affect other general terms and additions and these therefore remain valid.

4.3 By entering into an agreement with Barli Shoes, the party concerned declares to agree to these general terms and conditions.

Article 5 Agreement

5.1 Immediately after establishment of the order, Barli Shoes confirms the order to the Buyer.

5.2 The gift certificate can be cashed at Barli Shoes and/or Barli Shoes’ affiliated suppliers up to the fixed value mentioned on the gift certificate.

5.3 The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.

5.4 With respect to the performance/obligations arising from the agreement concluded between Buyer and Barli Shoes, Dutch legal provisions and the General Terms and Conditions of Barli Shoes apply; the latter has also been placed on

Article 6 Prices and payment

6.1 The prices and rates stated on are expressed in the currency of the relevant country. Prices and rates can be subject to changes by external influences.

6.2 Purchase of any order is done by payment of the purchase price plus administrative costs amounting to € 4.95 to Barli Shoes.

Article 7 Force majeure

7.1 A non-attributable failure is defined as a circumstance which Barli Shoes cannot control. Failure to fulfill obligations resulting from, among others, but not exclusive to, the following circumstances will also be regarded as non-attributable failure(s): power failure, technical failure, late or untimely performance of the obligations by a third party which they have taken upon themselves on behalf of Barli Shoes and government regulations.

Article 8 Liability

8.1 Any liability of Barli Shoes and/or its employees is limited to the delivery of the ordered and paid gift certificates by buyer.

8.2 Any further liability of Barli Shoes than mentioned in the article is excluded.

8.3 Barli Shoes does not accept liability for the presence of viruses and such on its website and the content of other websites that Barli Shoes electronically refers to (links).

8.4 Barli Shoes is not responsible for the late or untimely delivery of the gift certificate(s), as a result of not or not correctly providing the correct address details by the client/applicant.

8.5 Barli Shoes also does not accept liability for any other form of indirect and/or consequential damage, including damage caused by business interruption or damage caused by unavailability or inaccuracy of the provided information and/or by incomplete or incorrect transfer of data or by omissions or mistakes in the execution of the agreements resulting from the use of the Barli Shoes website. The Buy will indemnify Barli Shoes against claims of third parties in this matter.

Article 9 Intellectual property



9.1 All intellectual (property)rights which may be exercised with regard to the (contents of the) website by Barli Shoes and printed material belong to Barli Shoes.

Article 10 Other conditions

10.1 Nullity or voidability of one of the provisions or its paragraphs in this agreement does not affect the validity of other provisions and/or other paragraphs. Parties are then obliged to agree to new provisions which resemble the old null provision as much as possible with regard to content, scope and objective.

10.2 Barli Shoes is entitled to amend the descriptions and explanations on her website as well as the content of these general terms and conditions with immediate effect. All parties are bound to the amended conditions. It is prohibited to use information published or provided by Barli Shoes without prior permission. (Think of, for instance, photographs and graphics).

10.3 Issued gift certificates are valid indefinitely.

10.4 Ordered gift certificates are delivered only once. Gift certificates lost after receipt will not be redelivered or replaced.

10.5 The gift certificates can be returned within 8 days after delivery. The buyer receives a full refund (including shipping costs).

10.6 If the 30 day term of delivery is exceeded, the buyer is entitled to cancel the order and/or dissolve the agreement insofar as necessary.

Article 11 Disclaimer

11.1 Despite the utmost care and attention Barli Shoes pays to the composition of the website, it is possible that the information is incorrect and/or incomplete. The information is regularly added to and may change immediately at any time without giving notice.